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A Veteran for Justice...

Yes. I am a veteran. I proudly served my country and defended freedom as a Security Forces Officer in the United States Air Force. I am also a legal veteran. When I engaged in private practice I championed the cases of my clients and offered pro bono services to ensure those in need were not denied the access to justice and competent legal counsel. Justice is the fair and impartial adjudication of claims by applying the law to the unique facts of a case. When I began working for the Court of Appeals I had the distinct honor and privilege to serve our Commonwealth with Judge—now Justice—Christopher “Shea” Nickell. I learned insightful lessons and gained invaluable experience at his office. He is a tremendous man who, like me, surrounds himself with people of the highest caliber, not to make ourselves look better but so we can always learn and improve ourselves. It is true that iron sharpens iron. I also consider myself blessed to have the opportunity to now work for Judge Donna Dixon with the Court of Appeals. She is so intelligent, fair, and a Godly woman—these are traits I also see in myself. These traits do not happen by accident but are something we strive to accomplish every day. I did not even realize how passionately I wanted to become a judge until working for these two incredible judges and seeing the difference the Court of Appeals makes in the lives of those whose cases are before us. It is a solemn responsibility to meticulously review each record to ensure justice. While I have had a hand in the trenches assisting the judges on the Court of Appeals to administer justice, it is my desire to take a more active role. I am uniquely qualified and have the readily transferrable skills to make this transition in a seamless fashion. I have the heart of a warrior and public servant and will fight for justice as long as I am able.

I am a veteran for justice.

-Jenny Hines

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